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Meaningful Acts for Black Lives Matter

So often I think about what is meaningful. As in, what are the meaningful acts I should do in support of BLACK LIVES MATTER?

But that's not it, is it? In this (r)evolution as an ally, I can't just focus on what's meaningful to me or, more importantly, to my Black brothers and sisters. Instead, my attention, my intention, will be on what I do, my ACTS. Every day. Big and small. Seen and unseen. That is where the change happens.

Remarking on the peaceful protests worldwide, Rep. John Lewis (GA Congressman who also wrote one of my favorite books, Walking with the Wind) told Washington Post Writer Jonathan Capehart that he was inspired. "It was so moving and so gratifying to see people from all over America and all over the world saying through their action, ‘I can do something. I can say something’.”

So my intention is that this brief blog post is more than a marker on a news feed of where I stand during this historic time. It's a declaration that, among other things, I will act in a way that respects Black Lives Matter and supports the policy changes necessary for their equitable treatment.

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