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L.L. Bean's Meaningful Community Partnership Model

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Now THIS is what Corporate Social Responsibility looks like.

L.L. Bean had to shutter its factories and is closing stores temporarily. However, they are aren't exactly sitting quietly. In an article titled L.L. Bean boxing food, not flannel, to help during pandemic The Portland Press Herald reports: "With many workers idled because of the coronavirus, L.L. Bean will use its shipping hub in Freeport [Maine] to pack food for pantries across the state. The outdoors retailer is partnering with Maine’s largest food bank, Good Shepherd. The company’s workers will sort and package food in boxes that the Good Shepherd Food Bank will ship to food pantries in all 16 counties."

Check out this LinkedIn post from Stephen Smith, President and CEO of L.L. Bean, challenging other corporate leaders to join him and L.L. Bean.

I have always had a love of L.L. Bean. Growing up we would go up to Freeport and visit L.L. Bean on summer vacation while visiting relatives. This gives me that "love of all things Maine" feeling again.

I'm using my own little web real estate to share good news during the pandemic. It's a little drop in the bucket but perhaps it will provide some benefit to someone who reads it. It is an honor to share good work like this. Thank you L.L. Bean.

Meaningful Act #4 is for leadership. We are all leaders and can all do our part "to help the common good and the immediate needs of your communities!"

UPDATE: April 9, 2020: About a week ago (beginning of April?) L.L. Bean posted the following update...just L.L. Bean with more inspiring leadership as they are "coordinating with MaineHealth to stitch and ship out 10,000 masks a day, protecting Maine healthcare workers and those they serve – and our Supply Chain team is working with our global suppliers to ship one million masks to MaineHealth and InterMed, P.A."

Video here:


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