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Help Others Pronounce Your Name—or Learn Theirs—With this Tool

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

LinkedIn recently rolled out a little tool that helps others easily learn the proper way to pronounce your name. People I meet typically know how to say Maryann but once in a while, people pronounce Kearns (rhymes with learns) like cairns (those cool stone piles marking trails; sounds like carns but with a long "a").

To use it, access LinkedIn via the mobile iOS/Android app. (It is not yet available on desktop.) Click on the top pencil. It's just below the banner. Then add your audio in the field below your name. You have the ability to make a 10-second recording and will have the opportunity to do "retakes" if it doesn't sound just right on the first try(s!). Additionally, you can determine if you want your audio recording visible (ie. see the little speaker next to your name) to 1st-degree connections or everyone.

Like a cairn, this little tool just might help you navigate your next meeting with a bit more ease. Like a Kearns it helps you...learns? Haha!

(Updated August 16, 2020)


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