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LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social media platform is often the first hit that comes up when someone is searching for you. How does it look?


This service helps you to optimize your profile so that you are ready for the recruiter, prospect, donor, colleague or even that old flame when they look you up. 

We are kind and strategic and will walk you through the process. You will feel confident about the best next steps, the Meaningful Acts, that you should take to optimize your LinkedIn personal profile.



Strategic Advising


Your work is important. It's, dare we say, meaningful. Yet the megaphone doesn't operate itself. There is work to be done to get the word out, the brand polished, the funds raised, the funnel filled, the donor engaged or even the volunteer to show up.

We are strategic. We are experienced in corporate and non-profit development, marketing and decision-making. We are also kind. Most of all, we want you to succeed.

Set up an hour consultation and we will help you determine, and prioritize, the Meaningful Acts needed to move forward quickly.

If you are not sure if your potential project is a good fit for Meaningful Acts? Please set up a free 15 minute consult on our "Services" page.



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Project based

Strategic Advising may be needed on a project or ongoing basis. We will scope out the project, propose the Meaningful Acts and work together to prioritize them and negotiate the appropriate contract. 



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