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About Us
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Experienced professionals supporting small to mid-size businesses, political campaigns and nonprofits.

Our thoughtful and creative approach to solving problems stems from our careers in development and advocacy. Together, we have a broad range of expertise and a tremendous desire to do good work. Over the years we've found ourselves at the table making strategic decisions with big consequences. The "table" has been at the White House as an advocacy expert, along the Appalachian Trail supporting the protection of a large swath of old-growth forest and on the tough calls strategizing with execs of a Fortune 100 business regarding a $13 million product launch.

Perhaps you need a project managed, a brand polished, a political campaign strategy vetted or funds raised. Let's start a conversation about the meaningful acts that will transform your good intentions into great work.



Maryann has the heart of a nonprofit leader and mind of a corporate executive. She is a thoughtful marketing and development professional with 20 years of experience creating partnerships. Her background includes progressively responsible sales and marketing positions with a 3-year stint working among the executives at a Fortune 100 HQ. Maryann's corporate business development milestones are complemented by significant nonprofit fundraising in support of national parks and education initiatives. She knows the importance of working with diverse stakeholders to achieve great success.


Scaling up your meaningful work, the kind that you want to reflect on proudly when you are old, is what Maryann would love to help you launch. 



Fundraising | Business Development | Communications | Marketing | Project Management 



Marty has spent his career helping others. His early days found him teaching in Kingston, Jamaica as a Jesuit volunteer then as a grants coordinator for a large environmental foundation. He then created the first statewide river group in Georgia. However, his two decades of work as an Executive Director—of a lean but mighty nonprofit dedicated to "building networks of people to move change forward"—offers him the opportunity to help on a global scale.

Meaningful Acts allows Marty to invest his good ideas in political work and other projects outside of the nonprofit realm. 



Political Campaign Strategy | Fundraising | New Ventures


Tech Startup

Launching tech startup for political and advocacy campaigns.

Corporate Marketing 

Re-branding project manager of $18+ million government contractor. Rebranding parent company and new subsidiary.

Political Campaign Strategy

Organizing political power through network strategies.

Development Consulting

Guidance, strategy, and support to nonprofits in conservation, education and children's health.


Thanks for contacting us. We will be in touch shortly.

Which of your great ideas would you like to move forward? 

Send us a note if you need help with marketing, development, process creation or campaign support. We are good listeners and creative thinkers. We will be candid about your best next steps. Regardless of your budget, you can expect a discussion about the process of Meaningful Acts for you to consider to convert your good intentions to great work

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